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The majority of ARES is implemented. Items are removed as they are finished, mostly from the top. Nothing on this list is set in stone or final. Names in square brackets are what system components are involved.

Outstanding Alpha 1 Items
Package Manager:
  • Finish commands for install/remove/upgrade [pkg]
  • Nice display of package lists, usable menus for package management [ax]

  • animation hoverheight
  • lock & autolock [security + menu + baseband]
  • Vox bugs: dot commands blocked, add filter ignores arguments, duplicated chat

  • Outstanding Alpha 2 Items
  • forget deleted scripts [kernel]
  • standard external menu HUD (AMenu)

  • ARES-to-ARES menu access [variatype + menu]
  • db backup, db load support for character streams (web sources) [db]
  •

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