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Generic Handles is the software that powers Nanite Systems horns, handles, and other gripping devices. It is also available as a redistributable SDK for third-party handle creators.

The main purpose of Generic Handles is to allow a unit's user to easily pick up and reposition the unit, including by placing it on furniture or into an attractive pose for displaying. Over time the Handles feature set has expanded, and also includes an interface for accessing the unit's wardrobe and a system for multi-person posing, called "uses."

Getting started

This document will explain how to get the most out of your Handles, and is aimed mainly at individual consumers. For assistance in using the redistributable SDK, see the document "! How to use NS Generic Handle Firmware", which was included with your purchase.

The handle device name

As some units may have multiple sets of handles, not all handle attachments will appear as "handles" in the unit's devices list. For example, NS-branded horns appear as "horns," and the NS Executive Handle appears as the singular "handle" instead. Additionally, the software will adapt to be used in other anatomy, and third-party creators may create items such as "antlers," "hair," "tail," or "ears" to take advantage of this. On the local console HUD included with Companion and the ATOS/CX OSD, most of these will be consolidated into a single entry.

Handles access

Access to the handles is achieved by touching them, or equivalently using devices > handle device name > access. (See section above to determine the device name.) While the unit is on, local access is required, subject to consent if the unit is running Companion or Clockwork. There are no access restrictions when the unit is powered down.

Carrying and seating


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