Koichi Santei (b. 1946) is the founder of Nanite Systems's Recreational Cybernetics Group (RCG). An expert in computational neurology, Santei obtained his PhD in 1973 from CMU, taking up a position with the University of Michigan's Advanced Dynamics Research Group (ADRG) in 1975. He left the ADRG briefly in 1979 to spend time on his family, citing the hostile work environment that was ubiquitous in the ADRG at the time, but quickly rejoined his coworkers under the umbrella of the newly-formed Nanite Systems Corporation in 1982.

At Nanite Systems, his initial duties were within the Battlefield Systems Division, as manager of the Tactical Planning Algorithms Group, but migrated to the new Consumer Products Division in 1987, returning to his graduate research on simulating human-like cognition. With his research team, he developed the Santei–Voet–Shortliffe network (SVS net), which became the basis for the SXD cortex and set a new standard for authenticity in human behavior; it would not be rivalled for many years. Santei was also closely involved initializing the personalities in the SXD template units.

Following the closure of the RCG in 1994, Koichi retired from the company. He currently resides with his wife, Margaret Santei, in Olympia City on Mars. Their daughter, Dr. Ai Santei, is employed by Nanite Systems as the CHRO for the revived Consumer Products Division.

Santei–Voet–Shortliffe networks

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