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<h1>Tactile Excitation Sensor Interface</h1>
Version 0.8<br>
Document revision 0<br>
Copyright © 2018–[format_date("Y")], Nanite Systems Corporation. All rights reserved.<br>
This document is still in its first draft and may be wildly incomplete. Additional information will be added as it is written.<br>
For general reference regarding your unit's software, see the <a href="/?id=215">Companion Manual</a>, which you should have received in the box with your controller at the time of purchase. Additional copies are available by special order directly from Nanite Systems Press.
<b>Questions? Comments? Send us your feedback!</b><br>
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<a href="https://my.secondlife.com/tammypeluso133">T. Peluso</a>, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Products Division<br>
<a href="mailto:support@nanite-systems.com">support@nanite-systems.com</a><br>
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