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<p>The 66-2306 (copy/mod) and 66-2307 (mod/transfer) display cases are an enduring and popular way to showcase your purchase of a Nanite Systems Companion-equipped gynoid or android. Weighing in at just under 1000 lines of code and 80 kilobytes of script memory, the full-featured, highly functional display case often surprises customers with its versatility and value in an era where less functional furniture appliances may require ten times as much memory. With over 40 built-in animations, including many popular and timeless poses, and a robust library of texture alternatives, the display case punches above its weight as a household centerpiece or when deployed in large batches in a kennel, museum, or harem. The land impact isn't bad, either: even with the hideable magnetic stripe reader for easy credit card use, the entire fixture is only 3 LI.</p>


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