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For historical, practical, and reliability reasons, SXD compatibles support a large number of methods for charging and power exchange. The major interfaces are as follows:

modulemethodtransceiver band(s)physical component
coilinterface chargingBSMT, SODLprimary AC transformer coils (50 Hz or 60 Hz)
Heavy-gauge copper coils engineered for high-performance magnetic induction as part of the DAX/2 design requirements. This replaced the original SXD 1.0 charging hardware; all surviving models were retrofitted. For information on the protocols used, see the source code of the _coil module in the main controller's system memory. Devices that feed power to the system via interface charging include:
  • NSFRG Induction Chargers
  • SXD Charging Station (discontinued)
  • Destruir Technologies Wireless Charging Station
  • Autonomy Control Systems CP series
  • UMD charging pads
  • Qetesh UMD charging pads
  • Refactor Robotics Aurora chargers (1.0 and earlier)
  • CEE, NEMA, and FSD power outlets
  • NSBSD Asset Recovery Chamber (ARC) 47-2704 series (discontinued)
  • NSBSD Asset Recovery Center (ARC) 47-9000 series

bondsenvironmental inductionCRCR electromagnet tuner


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