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Newest article: ARES to-do
The majority of ARES is implemented. This is what remains to be done. Each bullet point represents an estimated 1 work day. Items are removed as they are finished, mostly from the top. Nothing on this list is set in stone or final. Names in square brackets are what system components are involved.

  • @security command; apparel policy; consent UI; guest expiry [security]
  • @beacon May 27 2023

  • menu pagination; menu refresh fixes [menu]
  • power profiles [power], volume & scheme controls [id]; all remaining menus should at least activate stubs [fs + menu + power]
  • minimal external menu HUD (AMlite) and activation [ctrl + variatype]
  • ARES-to-ARES menu access [variatype + menu]
  • shakedown of all security rules

  • revisit streams [io, filter, input]
  • finish vox control program; get input filter system working fully; vox permission [vox]
  • _input fully implements power notify restriction [input]; shakedown of all announce messages [various]
  •

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