Code of Conduct
In order to ensure that the Nanite Systems User Group and other company facilities remain effective at delivering customer service, we request that customers obey the following rules while utilizing them. Employees, interns, and other volunteers are bound by the same expectations.

  • Do not discuss politics, religion, or any topic that is likely to prompt religious or political conflict, such as recent news events of a divisive nature or political philosophy. Our company and customers hold a highly diverse range of views, and we are all better off leaving such at the door.

  • Do not relay "warnings" about individuals or groups. In most cases these are libelous, and result in unnecessary drama. If you find yourself in conflict with this rule, or believe you may be in conflict with this rule, you are strongly encouraged to spend time reflecting on why.

  • Do not take out your anger or frustration on support personnel. This includes profanity-laden rants about redelivery problems. They are volunteers who devote their time to assisting the community out of a love for it, and they are neither indefatigable, nor likely deserving of wrath. Contact if you need an issue addressed that the NSUG is unable to help with.

  • Do not engage in hate speech.

  • Do not spam.

  • Do not attack other customers. This includes denigrating new users.

  • Violators will be ejected, banned, and possibly banned from company property, including all of Eisa Colony.