Virtual goods are by their very nature easily duplicated; to take advantage of this, many companies on the grid, including Nanite Systems, have opted to provide the majority of our products in copyable form. This facilitates customization, which is highly important for many of our products. However, this means that in order to control distribution and maintain the value of our releases, these products cannot be returned to us after purchase.

Consequently, we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges for copyable items, even if they have not been unpacked. This policy prevents fraud by customers who spuriously seek refunds for their purchases.

On occasion the idea of implementing 'kill switches' for our products has been suggested, so that deactivated products could then be regarded as no longer available for use. This is not possible for all products (e.g. skin appliers) and would significantly compromise customer trust.

That said, we do sell certain products, such as batteries, in transferable form. These no-copy, transferable products can be returned or exchanged by contacting rhet0rica in-world via notecard. Other products with no-copy variants include chargers, display cases, and some versions of the Remote Management Console.

Finally, duplicate purchases may be refundable for exact copies of copyable products. This does not include different controller models. Contact rhet0rica in-world via notecard, or e-mail Please provide the in-world name of the resident who made the duplicate purchase (if e-mailing) and the name of the item duplicately bought. All messages are confidental, and are usually serviced within 24 hours.