Samantha Rachel Wright (b. November 12, 1988) is the daughter of the late April Voet and Dr. Curtis Wright, her second husband. She is the current chief technical officer and chief human resources officer of the Consumer Products Division, a position she was given in 2014 upon completion of her PhD.

After separating from Dr. Voet in 1994, Curtis was offered a position at the University of Toronto as a lecturer in the Department of Medicine. He and his five-year-old daughter moved to Canada, and to keep her occupied she was enrolled in an advanced placement program at school. Eventually, both attained dual citizenship. She graduated with her high school diploma ahead of schedule, in June 2005, and started her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science the following September at the St. George campus. This was a relatively uneventful period for her, that was followed by a doctorate in Computational Biology at McGill University in Montreal.