The following is an attempt to break down the price of a unit into its major components and to provide ballpark estimates for typical hardware configurations. It includes historical information about SXD prices, for comparison.

Modern units

Based on the prices listed below, a unit may cost anywhere from $16100 to over $46000, not including other aspects of total cost of ownership, such as a charger and the cost of electricity. Typical unit prices are closer to $37000.


Most units are built around a body called the DAX-series standard chassis. Exact part and type numbers for these bodies are tediously long and describe the exact physical parameters (including sex) of the design, which is often unique. The standard chassis is the principal example of an SXD-compatible chassis, which is analogous to an ATX-compatible case for a desktop computer; wiring, mounting brackets, and other components are expected to be compliant to the SXD standard. A chassis consists of a metal frame, synmuscle bundles to control joints, flexible cryolubricant piping, servos at major joints (typically the hips, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, neck, shoulders, and waist) for additional strength, touch sensors (pressure, vibration, flutter, etc.), an exterior aluminum subdermal layer, a mouth and throat compartment with speakers, ear-like structures containing microphones, and wiring to connect all of these components to the cortex and/or power supply (main controller).

Every chassis has a cortex compartment, a controller mounting point, and eye sockets. Light bus peripheral mounting points are commonly found on the face, forehead (e.g. for horns), hips, stomach, chest, pubic mound, above the buttocks; these provide data and power connectivity via the main controller.

Typically, a chassis will include a human-like oral cavity. Optionally, this may contain actuators or vibrators for performing fellatio. Most chassis include hookups below the oral cavity for a chemical-metabolism "stomach" to permit the unit to ingest food and drink for conversion into cryolubricant. A chassis may additionally have bays for installing female genitals and/or a simulated rectum.

Final coatings, over the aluminum surface, are optional, but vary widely in feel, durability, heat retention characteristics, and the degree to which they diminish resolution of the tactile sensor array.

The price range for a DAX chassis with no installed components is between $3000 and $5000 US, depending on size, and may be higher for extensive custom designs.

Main controller units

ItemRetail Price
DAX/2 (P/N ending in "F")$9000
DAX/2m (P/N ending in "M")$7500
DAX/3 (P/N ending in "F")$10000
DAX/3m (P/N ending in "M")$9000
NS-112 Aide$9000*
NS-113 SuperAide$11000*
NS-114 SuperAide 2.0$12000*
NS-115 Scout$8000
NS-120 Mesta$9500
NS-226 Hephaestus$6000
NS-304 Daybreak$6500
NS-409 Nightfall/3$7750*†
NS-476 Aegis$10000*
YS-712 Extensible Service Unit (XSU)$9000
NS-888 SXDjr$30000

† Does not include price of bundled fuel cell.
* Bulk-order discounts available for public sector organizations.

Surface components

CategoryRetail Price
Horns$400–$600 (per pair)
Handles$300–$800 (each)
Eyes$1000–$2000 (per pair)
Ornamental status lights$150
Power switch$10
Nanoconnectivity ports and faceplate$400
Akashic icon$700–$900
Light gauge$450
Microhook scalp coating$200
Devotion-compliant collar$800
Holo-Pleasure Probe$3000
SuperBit projector$1250
Metalloplastic Nova coating$2000

Internal components

ItemRetail Price
Hitachi massager (vaginal socket)$4500
Hitachi massager (anal socket)$3500
Catabolism chamber$1200
CortexPlus processing core$6000


ItemRetail Price
Hydrogen fuel cell$250
Opaque alkaline cell$100
Lithium-polymer cell$300
Metabolic–voltaic reactor$600
Sonofusion reactor*$1500
Uranium radioisotope thermoelectric generator (refurbished)*$1000

* Restrictions may apply to international customers.

Other accessories

ItemRetail Price
Controller dust cover$200-$400
Induction charger$1000
Collectors' display case$3000

SXD prices

The SXD 1.0 first retailed in 1989 for $99,999.99, equivalent to more than $215,000 today. Comparable parts for a modern DAX-series unit would cost approximately $36000, slightly cheaper than the average. Major reasons for this discrepancy include:

  • Substantial improvements in manufacturing technology and supply chain. Many components in the SXD were originally outsourced to devoted companies, resulting in razor-thin margins despite the high price tag. Today, DAX units are made fully in-house, heavily utilizing nanoscale 3D printing in place of individual die casting.

  • Scale. NS accumulated more than 20 years of experience in robot manufacture between the end of the SXD production run in 1992 and the launch of the DAX/2 in 2015.

  • Improvements in battery technology. Power density for new cells is far higher than most forms of storage available in the late 1980s, allowing the reversible RTG power systems of the SXD to be largely supplanted. The remaining stock of such uRTG batteries is greatly diminished in capacity compared to the cells that shipped with the original SXDs, due primarily to reduced half-lives.

  • Inductive charging. This was originally non-standard on the SXD (being included in precisely one production unit), but was moved into the main controller after the DAX/2 revival, eliminating the dependence on expensive transformers. Although it is possible to connect a nanoconnectivity port bank to a power outlet, modern OC and NS outlets manage power conversion on the unit's behalf.

  • CortexPlus. The CortexPlus architecture is a massively parallel computer consisting of hundreds of thousands of cores, but it is much simpler than the millions of cores found in the original SXD Cortex module. This drives down production costs dramatically, and the end result is a much more ethical and regulation-friendly artificial intelligence.

  • Nevertheless, individual SXD units have been sold at auction and in private sale in recent years for considerable amounts:

    63-27492014M. L. Guisse$2,400,000
    63-27532014(name withheld)$2,500,000
    55-00292015X. Xanth$5,600,000
    63-27572015T. Peluso$3,100,000
    61-03552016A. Santeiunknown
    63-27642016(name withheld)$3,200,000
    62-85062016(name withheld)$800,000 (damaged)