Nanite Systems encourages third party vendors to take part in our Compatibility and Certification programs, which improve the visibility of products that work with NS hardware. See also our general advice on third-party products.

Compatibility: Any product can be designated as 'compatible' without further oversight from NS. A compatibility sticker should be used whenever hardware or software is specifically designed with NS technologies. It should not be used for products that are not specifically intended to interface with NS hardware, such as unscripted accessories. If we feel you are misusing the compatibility indicators, we may request that you stop doing so, and reserve the right to notify our customers if you do not comply.

To indicate that a product is compatible, simply place one of the matching stickers on it, from below:

Each image is 1024x1024 pixels with a transparent background. We would recommend against using multiple stickers, if possible. If you need a compatibility indicator for a system not listed here, contact support.

Certification: At the request of a product's developer, we are willing to certify that a product works as intended with NS hardware. This should be reserved for more sophisticated devices. To certify a product, you must be willing to provide source code and a working sample so that we can audit it for safety and correct protocol usage. These materials will remain strictly confidential and not be used to give Nanite Systems or any other company a commercial advantage.

Certified products

Mistix Battery Charger for NS (1.0–1.3)
For use with: Generation 3 Batteries
Creator: Warlkar Halostar (c0e50a1f-5680-4fe8-9203-0cd81294f736)
Certification ID: C0E5-0A2F-5680-4FE8