Like many companies operating on the Linden grid, some of the products sold by Nanite Systems include flexible ("rigged mesh") garments. By their nature, these garments are typically designed to fit certain body types ("mesh bodies") and are not universally compatible with all anatomy.

These products are derived from geometry designed and sold at wholesale by third-party OEMs. As such, Nanite Systems cannot offer fits for mesh bodies other than those announced at the time of the product's release, unless the OEM decides to add support at a later date. Expanded support from OEMs is not unprecedented, but it is extremely rare; in general, adding support for even a single new body is extremely labor-intensive, especially if the designer has not worked with that body previously.

If you would like to pursue a request for expanded support from an OEM, please contact that company directly. We do not have the resources to do so on your behalf, and do not have any special relationship with OEMs that would afford us extra leverage in making such an inquiry.

Following the release of a new fitted clothing product, it is common for customers to make complaints of this nature, typically informally. Under the Corporate Welfare Act of 2020, it is a felony to badger or harass Nanite Systems representatives, or to participate in a mass demonstration opposing the Company's authority. Customers who improperly file requests pertaining to mesh body support are at risk of having the incident added to their permanent criminal record, and may have their cases referred to NanoSec enforcement or a subcontractor at the Company's sole discretion.

For your convenience, products covered under this policy are marked in our stores with the following badge: