Nanite Systems is committed to fostering a healthy ecosystem of interoperable devices, and to that end we have published a wealth of information on various programming interfaces which are of use to our customers and third-party developers.

Branding and formatting

You are welcome to mention "NS" and "Nanite Systems" in your advertising material, as well as names and jargon of particular NS devices that your products interacts with. This makes it easier for users to search for products that extend and support their experience, whether they found your work first or ours, and is essential to enriching the general robotics ecosystem on the grid.

In general we use word-of-mouth marketing to recruit new customers, so being visible in Marketplace searches for NS products is the ideal time to be discovered. Not only will users immediately associate your brand with ours from their first contact with NS, but it will provide evidence to the prospective customer for our primary marketing message, that Nanite Systems products open the door to a diverse and rich experience, unlike many previous robotics ecosystems. Both NS and all third-party vendors benefit from the usage of our brand in this way.

It is possible to excessively embrace this branding, however. In the past some vendors have sought to use NS branding for skins and other products that bear no actual features that interface with our systems. This is exploitative of our brand, and we ask that you not do it. Note that texture work can be explicitly NS-oriented, for example if it was designed to match an NS product. Please do not use the NS brand to indicate that something is compatible with another third-party product, however (e.g. a skin matching a custom accessory); that product's identity should stand on its own if customers are interested in augmenting their experience with it.

We also ask that you always make sure that your ad copy would not mislead a reasonable customer into thinking that your products are made by Nanite Systems. The following modes of reference, using the generic term "Charging Station" in reference to a specific name or general description of a product, are inappropriate:

  • [NS] Charging Station
  • Charging Station Nanite Systems
  • Nanite Systems Alternative Charging Station

  • These forms are acceptable:

  • Charging Station for Nanite Systems
  • NS-Compatible Charging Station
  • Charging Station (Nanite Systems version)

  • Customers react poorly to mislabeled products, and the negative feelings generated by confusion can lead to diminished trust in a brand (both yours and ours), formation and spread of hostile opinions (including via word of mouth and negative reviews), and ultimately lost sales. Businesses that are willing to disregard long-term market viability in favor of short-term exploitation are inherently unstable, and if Nanite Systems feels your promotion strategy is abusive and likely to cause substantial harm we reserve the right to take punitive action as the situation necessitates.

    How to include the NS logo in your own work

    To ensure the use of the NS logo is consistent and unambiguous in marketing material, both on the Marketplace and in-world, the Nanite Systems Compatibility and Certification programs offer images of the NS monogram which are prepared for specific use by third-party vendors. Both programs are free of charge, and compatibility marks may be used at the vendor's discretion without seeking explicit approval.

    Third-party vendor hosting at Nanite Systems stores

    Since shortly after our founding in 2015, Nanite Systems has hosted a board of third-party sales terminals at our headquarters. These terminals are hosted without a fixed rent, and we instead ask for a 10% sales commission. Products available must meet the above requirements for use of the NS name in order to be available through these boards. To get your terminal placed at NS, please contact our business-to-business sales team.