ARES to-do
The majority of ARES is implemented. Items are removed as they are finished, mostly from the top. Nothing on this list is set in stone or final. Names in square brackets are what system components are involved.

Outstanding Alpha 1 Items
Package Manager:
  • Finish commands for install/remove/upgrade [pkg]
  • Nice display of package lists, usable menus for package management [ax]

  • animation hoverheight
  • lock & autolock [security + menu + baseband]
  • Vox bugs: dot commands blocked, add filter ignores arguments, duplicated chat

  • Outstanding Alpha 2 Items
  • forget deleted scripts [kernel]
  • standard external menu HUD (AMenu)

  • ARES-to-ARES menu access [variatype + menu]
  • db backup, db load support for character streams (web sources) [db]
  • policies pt 2: curfew [security]; apparel policy [security]; distress beacon [power], IM policies [security], owner radio policies and exceptions [security]

  • finish core personas
  • consent request bundling; updatable alerts [security, variatype]
  • defensive low-power-masking
  • prevent unsit while charging

  • Cleanup:
  • shakedown of interference and security rules
  • shakedown of documentation completeness
  • shakedown of guest access
  • shakedown of announcer rules; second set of announcers

  • @beacon September 30, 2023 (release Alpha 1.6)

    Outstanding Alpha 3 Items
  • finish nav; new nav server
  • begin updating old devices for ARES compatibility
  • kernel modules table still capable of trashing itself
  • extra time for bug fixes, polish

  • sexuality (TESI for ARES); estimated 5 working days
  • @beacon October 14, 2023 (release Alpha 3 and sexuality (TESI for ARES))

    Plans after the third ARES Alpha are less definite in terms of the amount of time required and the order of expected developments. Once ARES hits Beta, we will retire the Supervisor controller, and ARES will start to become available on standard hardware.

    Beta 1 Targets
  • implement stream-oriented API, adapt command-line pipes

  • Spring Utilities replacement with new rental, proximity, and cron facilities
  • database overlays [db]; Hierarchy/XNMS compatibility [domain, db]—no server code changes anticipated
  • ARES WARRIOR add-on with malfunctions (estimated 4 working days)
  • Beginning of converting Companion controllers to new ARES versions, deliver ARES to people who bought those systems; end of availability for exclusive ARES supporter controller

  • undefined amounts of time for copious bug fixes and polish; update remaining devices (those that previously depended upon the Companion "internal" message); update remaining controllers
  • @beacon October 28, 2023 (release Beta 1 and WARRIOR)

    Beta 2 Targets
  • dive (3 workdays)—ability to move units with direct key input with camera etc.

  • @beacon November 11, 2023

  • undefined amounts of time for copious bug fixes and polish
  • HUDware (??? workdays)
  • new CSU system (??? workdays)—the CSU is a particularly design-intensive product that requires a complete overhaul as many of its settings are no longer meaningful; we would like to replace it with a "cyberware inventory" experience, where you must go to your local ripperdoc (Arachne X8) to change load-outs

  • Late October to early November will be a development break while we focus on our annual treasure hunt event.

    @beacon November 25, 2023 (release Beta 2 and dive)

    Beta 3 and Beyond
  • uplink (??? workdays)—ability to control units from web; will require new payments system and Patreon integration

  • @beacon December 9, 2023 (release Beta 3?, HUDware?, uplink? HCS?)